Are Casino Apps Safe?

vegas paradise iphoneWe get asked lots of odd questions about gambling using your mobile device, though this is one that we haven’t actually been asked. We were quite surprised that no one has asked if Casino Apps are actually safe, and though we could categorically say a big fat resounding ‘YES!’, the real answer is no.

Gambling using any medium be it your computer, laptop, tablet or mobile device is unfortunately by its very nature not 100% safe, especially if you aren’t using a showcased or trusted source. You see, there is always someone out there after your details. That being said, there are ways to ensure that your data is safe, so long as you stay clear of the dodgy casinos where the games are rigged to fail.

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As someone that has used my mobile devices for everything, from online banking to online gaming, social media to social suicide, my mobile devices have been a huge part of my life, though there’s one reason why my bank details aren’t being flogged cheap in China (although the current balance of my bank account may have something to do with it!). I’ve safeguarded my mobile devices to the point where even if a load of tech ‘Greeks’ managed to get into my device, before they’d even left the euphemistic wooden horse, ‘Troy’ (my mobile device), would already be working on getting rid.

Setting your device up to go into self defence mode when required is actually really easy. You can use the built in security features that come with all Apple devices, and most of the later versions of Android, or you can go one better and install (paid for) security. I got a brilliant deal with Kaspersky, where my Computer, Mobile Phone and Tablet are all secured because I use Barclay’s banks online banking service. 12 months of security for free! Zip, Zilch, Nada! I’m already in my 4th year and it doesn’t look like the offer’s going anywhere.

Installing this extra layer of protection has some very big bonuses, firstly, you can literally do anything you want online safe in the knowledge that your data is encrypted and scrambled so well that even Alan Turing wouldn’t be able to crack it! Thus meaning that even if someone got hold of the data, or was able to tap into the stream being transmitted to and from you and the receiver, the best thing they’d be able to get out of it is as nonsensical as ‘supercalifragilisticexpialidocious ‘. Most casino apps work in a similar way to the messaging service WhatsApp, where both ends of the communication are encrypted, however with additional security, the communication is further encrypted and sealed giving you that little bit more protection.

There are of course other things you can do to ensure that your mobile gaming is secure, and I’m not only talking about playing slots or roulette, it could be Candy Crush Saga or Farmville or some other social network game, and that is to pay using a web wallet or a pre paid card. This doesn’t give you security so to speak, but if your web wallet/pre paid card isn’t attached to your bank account or credit card, the worst thing that can happen is you run out of credit on the accounts and the shops shut so you can’t top them up!

On the whole, gambling using your mobile devices is safe however, as with all things that connect to the internet, you need to exercise a little bit of caution. After all, you don’t want to be getting any STI’s (Surfing Transmitted Infections), and you most certainly want to ensure that your devices aren’t going to end up like the City of Troy.

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